Freediving was the first practice that human beings adopted in order  to dive in and discover a new dimension. Man has always searched new incentives and new goals, therefore freediving has represented and still represents the discovery of a new dimension and of ourselves. In ancient times people dived in out of necessity, whereas nowadays freediving is letting men discover the union between themselves and the water element, in short apnea mainly reveals our inner universe. It’s a discipline that is  very close to Yoga, where the mind is the fulcrum of our being and water is the tool we have to look into ourselves. Actually, when we dive in it’s as if we were diving within our boundaries into our fears and then, when we’re out breathing again, we’ve really won the challenge by a simple and natural act, almost a customary one. This is the good side of freediving “Just one breath to discover a whole new world”.

Freediving Fishing

Breath-held fishing is one of the oldest disciplines; any type  of diving originates from this method of fishing. In time freediving fishing has evolved with respect to the equipment used and the catching techniques. Some decades ago fishing with cylinders was allowed, while currently underwater fishing can be carried out exclusively when freediving. These new rules turn  it into the most selective and challenging type of fishing because the fisherman dives in with just one breath and has only one arrow available; he or she chooses his/her prey according to its species and measure, deciding if it’s worth catching it or not.

The freediver fisherman, in order to go haunting, must demonstrate all the knowledge on marine biology that a freediver may overlook instead. The charm of freediving fishing resides in combining various experiences to different sensitivities that mingle in such a natural and difficult act.

Spearfishing Course

The Course about the Spearfishing Practice  has been conceived  to attract enthusiasts to a method of apnea fishing which is more conscious and closer to environmental needs so felt by all sea lovers.  During this course a lot of care is placed into withdrawing fish species, given that apnea  fishing is the only selective fishing as the freediving fisherman can evaluate the size of the fish and decide whether to shoot or not. The course envisages a two level patent. The basic and the advanced level.

It is possible to request it after achieving the Freediving Basic or Pool certification. It consists of 3 theoretical modules and 3 outputs in open water.

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© 2019-2022 La Tribù Diving Academy

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